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Arliss (1996–2002)

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A behind-the-scenes look at the glitzy, big-money world of professional sports following the eternally optimistic and endlessly resourceful L.A. sports agent Arliss Michaels whose Achilles' heel is his inability to say “no” to clients and employees.
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Plot summary

Arliss Michaels is not a sports agent, he is a sports super agent. To his team of associates, the athletes he represents and the world around them, he is God. He is like Jerry Maguire, but without a conscience.
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I watched HBO only on business trips back in the 90's so I saw only a dozen or so 'Arli$$' episodes over its run but I recall always liking them. That's why I'm surprised that it became almost a fad in the media to bash the show in its final seasons. 'Entertainment Weekly' included 'Arli$$' on its worst series lists a few years in a row, ESPN commentators randomly criticized it, and 'Saturday Night Live' for unknown reasons mocked it a few times. Honestly the circa 2000 'SNL' daring to call another program unfunny is like the pot with so much baked on burnt rancid gunk that it smells like decaying feet calling the slightly tarnished kettle black. Anyway I recently watched an 'Arli$$' best of season 1 and 2 DVD collection and I think it's still a good show with well-drawn characters, talented cast, and satirical writing. The only things I didn't like were the distinctly amateur performances from the actual athletes and other celebrities. One episode that wasn't in the collection but still sticks in my memory after 20 years is
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