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2x6 Instant Restaurant - Round 1: Daniela & Stefania Season 2 My Kitchen Rules

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Their passion for food is infectious. "I just love to see people eat my food and enjoy it," Daniela says. "Cooking relaxes me. I could do it at 12.30 at night. Any time... I just love it." Stefania adds: "We're Italian! Of course, we love our food. I enjoy seeing people's expressions when they taste the food I've made. It makes me happy." The women are so close they're more like sisters. "We're very alike," Daniela, 43, says. "We like the same things. Stefania is fun to be with; everyone who meets her likes her." Stefania, 41, is equally as kind about her cousin adding, "Daniela's a beautiful person inside and out." The Perth duo get along so well they're worried it may pose a problem for them during the competition. "We muck around too much," Daniela says. "We find it hard to be serious."
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