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12x8 Judgement: Part 2 Season 12 Silent Witness

  • 7.9
    TVGLU rating 7.9/10 167 votes
  • 7.5/10
    TMDB rating
  • 7.8/10
    IMDB rating
  • TV-14
  • 6100


With a second member of the Orthodox Jewish community dead, Harry performs a complete examination. This time, Harry does not hesitate to use all examination methods at his disposal and finds forensic evidence that clearly links a third member of the Hassidic community to both deaths. After DI MacKenzie makes the arrest however, Harry realizes he may have inadvertently contaminated the DNA evidence leading to a false result. Nikki retests all of the evidence and together they figure just who the attacker was. Leo Dalton meanwhile tries to prove that the dead student ...
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