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Yowamushi Pedal (2013–)

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  • 7.9/10
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Sakamichi Onada is a wimpy high school freshman who loves anime. He initially wants to enter the anime club, but winds up joining the cycling club after meeting two classmates who are already famous cyclists. He undertakes the grueling training to compete in races, and discovers his own hidden talent in cycling.
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Plot summary

Onoda is a cheerful otaku looking to join his new school's anime club, eager to finally make some friends. Unfortunately, the club has been disbanded and somehow he stumbled into the bicycle club.
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This is no doubt the best sports anime out there for me. Each of the characters have a lovable personality and really add something unique to the show. Because of this show I really learned about a lot about bicycle road racing and the rigorous amount of hard work they go through just to earn the title of first. The drama and comedy are fairly well mixed up between the episodes,so you never lose interest. The races always keep you at the edge of your seat and inspire you at the moments when you least expect it. The animation is simply beautiful,colorful and highly detailed which matches the aura of the show. I have watched all the episodes up till season 3 and I simply cant wait what is going to happen in the next Inter-High. Anyone who is a fan of sports would surely appreciate this anime.
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poster Daiki Yamashita

Daiki Yamashita

Onoda Sakamichi (voice)

poster Kōsuke Toriumi

Kōsuke Toriumi

Imaizumi Shunsuke (voice)

poster Hiroki Yasumoto

Hiroki Yasumoto

Kinjō Shingo (voice)

poster Kentarō Itō

Kentarō Itō

Tadokoro Jin (voice)

poster Daisuke Kishio

Daisuke Kishio

Teshima Junta (voice)


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