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Black Summer (2019–)

  • 6.3
    TVGLU rating 6.3/10 235 votes
  • 5.7/10
    TMDB rating
  • 6.4/10
    IMDB rating
  • TV-MA
  • 5700


In the dark, early days of a zombie apocalypse, complete strangers band together to find the strength they need to survive and get back to loved ones.
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Plot summary

A mother, torn from her daughter, embarks upon a harrowing journey, stopping at nothing to find her. Thrust alongside a small group of American refugees, she must brave a hostile new world and make brutal decisions during the most deadly summer of a zombie apocalypse.
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I was quite impressed with this show.nnIt's centered around the early days of a zombie apocalypse, and those who have to live through it. It adopts an almost documentary style that I found to be particularly effective.nnI really enjoy the fact that the characters are always on the run and that no place is safe. The zombie menace is omnipresent and the zombies are actually, you know, deadly and aggressive. Even a lone zombie can be a real handful. It almost feels like a war movie. The characters are clearly shell shocked as the world they used to know collapses around them. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I enjoy the fact that the dialog is minimal, as it better represents the horror these people are living through. In other zombie shows, they'd be drinking lemonade at a farmhouse whilst spending 3/4 of the season endlessly talking about their feelings.nnNow granted there is some
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