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Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny 2010

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Fresh off the heels of appearing in movies like Superhero Movie and The 40 Year-Old Virgin, fast-talking comedian Kevin Hart stars in his second live stand-up performance in Cleveland, Ohio, where he makes fun of everything and everybody - especially himself.
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Plot summary

"Seriously Funny" stars Kevin Hart performing in front of a sold out crowd live from Cleveland, Ohio - where he delivers his hilarious and unique brand of comedy. In this unforgettable night of comedy, Kevin is in rare form and funny as ever!
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I got bored, I went through Netflix like you do and I saw that they recommended me Seriously Funny due to my interests in Michael McIntyre's Showtime and Jeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos. I thought I would check it out, it had a good rating and I'd seen clips that made me chuckle.nnSeriously Funny is alright; it's funny, for sure, and I really couldn't stop laughing at points; Hart's humour is on point, quick to draw, and he keeps the laughs coming.nnBut there are some points where I felt truly uncomfortable watching it – these two times were when he made homophobic-style jokes, and when he just threw around 'kill yourselves' on one, maybe two occasions. These really pulled it down for me, and made me uncomfortable, made me shift in my seat as I watched, and I even felt a little down and upset at just how easily he threw such things around. nnThe sketch is funny, I enjoyed it, mostly, but he really pulled it down and made it less by throwing around sensitive issues as if they were nothing. nnFor that, I can only give it 5/10; the insensitivity ruined it for me, HOWEVER, if you're not bothered by such things then you'll probably enjoy the whole thing.
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