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Eel Girl 2008

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Plot summary

Deep in a secret navy research facility, an armed security officer enters a secure observation room, filled with electronic monitoring equipment and shelves full of dissected fish specimens. The officer requests one of the scientists accompany her immediately. He protests, quoting navy protocols that require two people to remain in the room at all times, but the the officer makes sure he knows he has no choice. The remaining scientist watches them leave the facility on a security monitor. Satisfied he's on his own, he quickly begins to activate override commands on the computer. A warning begins to sound, and the scientist steps back to stand in front of a large observation window, which looks into a dark tiled and dirty room, in the center of which stands a large bath, filled with black viscous liquid. Opposite the window is a large secure door, above which warning lights flash green, then red. The scientist becomes more agitated, breathing heavily, as he sees the door open, and a ...
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A short in every sense of the word, but that sometimes is a good thing as it is here. A couple of scientist are hovering over their terminals when a security officer comes in demanding that the senior scientist accompany her to see another man. The guy tries to turn down this offer as he states there must be two people on watch at all times. Well she insists and we quickly learn why he did not want to go as the other guy opens a door in the lab releasing a really nasty looking gal, the eel girl. The make-up is rather good, it is nice to see some people still use old fashion make-up rather than just creating a completely computer generated character. Well the guy obviously has a thing for this creature even though it has nasty teeth and is not really all that attractive other than it has a nice behind. It seems to be trying to lure him in by being sexy and see what happens when he bites. The film could use more development, the ending is somewhat a surprise, but not totally to be sure. You should figure something is going to happen, I was kind of surprised how it took place, but not what happened if that makes sense. The facility looks all high tech, but for some reason there is an old fashioned bath tub in the creature's lair which seems out of place. Granted, I can see it liking the slime, but I think they could have put something more modern to hold it rather than a old bath tub that looked like it came right out of a Saw movie. Still, this short entertained and was over quickly and was a bit nasty. Not really bloody though.
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