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Plot summary

Before we all plunge into the depths of January despair, it is time to put on your party hat and reflect on 2013 with Charlie Brooker's annual Christmas and New Year shindig. This is a high-octane glance back at a year in which almost nothing happened - apart from meteors, edible horses, cyclists on steroids, insurgents in Mali, fake space monkeys, Splash!, Oscar Pistorius, the Pope resigning, a new Pope, Christopher Dormer, The One Show, Chris Huhne, Gogglebox, Bedtime Live, Thatcher's death, a Beiber backlash, Miley Cyrus, twerking, Dogging Tales, the Castro kidnappings, snooping, Snowden, a royal baby, Your Face Sounds Familiar, Egypt, Godfrey Bloom, the Damian McBride diaries, Diana (the film), GTA V, Sex Box, hurricanes, storms, Russell Brand on Newsnight and an American government shutdown.
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Charlie Brooker takes a look back at the year that was 2013, a year where almost nothing happened – apart from meteorites hitting Earth, tornadoes destroying towns, Thatcher dying, UKIP being racist, Baby Prince George being born, Mandella dying, Snowden leaking, Andy Murray winning Wimbledon and, oh, a TV show where famous people dressed up as other famous people to sing their songs. So really not too much.nnThose that have seen anything with Charlie Brooker in it will know that he tends to be very acerbic and funny at the same time, with a great turn of phrase that can usually hit his target with very cruel observations. His end of year show gives him no end of material and, although some of what he has included is odd, generally the choices are good. The nature of his show does mean he covers media events as well as news events but I was surprised he spent as long on UKIP and Miley Cyrus as he did when compared to Mandella or Snowden, but still the material mostly works. The delivery is very good as always, with so many great lines. Brooker is great as ever but his support yet again risks stealing it from him.nnDoug Stanhope is not given as much time this year and really only has one segment – but it is worth it as I had never heard that he had set up a fund to support the woman in Oklahoma who had refused to thank God for the sake of a media sound bite. That was hilarious – and he did it just to be a prick, which made it all the better.nnFor me the most cheering thing was probably the bits that I had never seen before; so for example I was happy that I had managed to unplug myself sufficiently that I had never even heard of
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