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The Christ Slayer 2019

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Takes place at the Passover and the days that follow the crucifixion. A mix of scripture and Christian legend woven to try and create a more complete picture. It follows Longinus as the Roman soldier who put the spear to Jesus on the cross.
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"The Christ Slayer" is part 3 of Collective Development Inc.'s THE QUEST TRILOGY following "40 Nights" (Part 1) and "Chasing the Star" (Part 2)
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Carl Weyant aptly plays Longinus, a blind Roman soldier (kept in his position only because of an influential father) partly responsible for the execution-death of the Christ who struggles with overwhelming guilt and darkness attempting to snuff out his life. Coming to the end of his tortured self, he leaves Jerusalem, with his servant Albus (played by Josh Perry), in order to find peace in the land of his relatives. Along the way, he meets a Stranger (DJ Perry as Jesus) who begins to open his eyes and renew the man's purpose. We also catch glimpses into the spiritual realm with Gabriel (Shane Hagedorn) and the Devil (Taymour Ghazi) discussing the worth of humanity despite their flawed and contradictory natures. It's a well done film about the Christ done with a unique Biblical slant. Josh Perry's portrayal as Longinus' servant is a delight to watch and gives some laugh-out-loud moments.nnThis is the third film of
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