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The Christ Slayer 2019

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Takes place at the Passover and the days that follow the crucifixion. A mix of scripture and Christian legend woven to try and create a more complete picture. It follows Longinus as the Roman soldier who put the spear to Jesus on the cross.
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"The Christ Slayer" is part 3 of Collective Development Inc.'s THE QUEST TRILOGY following "40 Nights" (Part 1) and "Chasing the Star" (Part 2)
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I want to point out that I know one of the actors in this film. I came into this movie to support him and the filmmakers involved but as a film buff I was looking forward to the film after watching the trailer last year. As a Christian I am on the constant look out for new Christian films, sadly a majority of the films released in this genre are mediocre at best. I support them but yearn to see high production in these films. The Christ Slayer completely caught me by suprise. I knew from the trailer it was going to be powerful but not to the extent that it turned out to be. We all know to often that trailers don't always depict how good a film will be but this one certainly exceeded the trailer. This doesn't mean the film comes without its faults such as the visual effects which cheapen the film a bit.nnAn important note is this film is NOT biblically accurate. One of my main reasons for giving it 8 stars is due its inability to stay in line with the historical details of scripture. I'm fine with the story, the different viewpoint and all but the film could have portrayed areas that are detailed in scripture. This is one of the areas that I struggled with. Thankfully the story, the message and the execution of it allowed me to
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