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American Reunion 2012

  • 6.9
    TVGLU rating 6.9/10 5281 votes
  • 6.1/10
    TMDB rating
  • 6.7/10
    IMDB rating
  • R
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The characters we met a little more than a decade ago return to East Great Falls for their high-school reunion. In one long-overdue weekend, they will discover what has changed, who hasn’t, and that time and distance can’t break the bonds of friendship.
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Plot summary

Over a decade has passed and the gang return to East Great Falls, Michigan, for the weekend. They will discover how their lives have developed as they gather for their high school reunion. How has life treated Michelle, Jim, Heather, Oz, Kevin, Vicky, Finch, Stifler, and Stifler's mom? In the summer of 1999, it was four boys on a quest to lose their virginity. Now Kara is a cute high school senior looking for the perfect guy to lose her virginity to.
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Being an American Pie fan since the beginning, I was excited about American Reunion. The boys are back for another crazy, sexual, and over- the-top adventure.nnSince the last film in 2003, I thought they wouldn't be able to perform as well together. But from start to finish, they played their roles as if they never left. nnThis movie will definitely keep you laughing, especially if you are a long time fan. Not to mention Jim's dad finally got the screen time he deserved. nnNow, I don't think it was as good as it could have been. The plot, as mentioned in other reviews, was plain. But all in all, It was an amazing sequel to the series. Better than the first? I don't think so. But as good as the first? YES!nnI do recommend watching the last three American Pie movies before going to see this. You will understand the movie much clearer, and not to mention the little surprise(s) will have you rolling on the floor laughing.nnCons: It wasn't dirty enough. The jokes were hysterical, but I wanted more! I wanted more F bombs, sex jokes, and pie humping! But I guess that is what the previous Pie films were for ;)nnIf you are a fan, you will enjoy this film. You will NOT be disappointed.nn10/10 stars
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Jason Biggs

Jim Levenstein

Fanart Fanart

Alyson Hannigan

Michelle Flaherty-Levenstein

Fanart Fanart

Seann William Scott

Steve Stifler

Fanart Fanart

Chris Klein

Chris 'Oz' Ostreicher

Fanart Fanart

Thomas Ian Nicholas

Kevin Myers

Fanart Fanart

Tara Reid

Victoria 'Vicky' Lathum

Fanart Fanart

Mena Suvari


Fanart Fanart

Eddie Kaye Thomas

Paul Finch

Fanart Fanart

John Cho


Fanart Fanart

Jennifer Coolidge

Stifler's Mom

Fanart Fanart

Eugene Levy

Jim's Father

Fanart Fanart

Natasha Lyonne


Fanart Fanart

Dania Ramirez


Fanart Fanart

Katrina Bowden


Fanart Fanart

Ali Cobrin


Fanart Fanart

Shannon Elizabeth


Fanart Fanart

Chris Owen

Chuck Sherman

Fanart Fanart

Justin Isfeld


Fanart Fanart

Neil Patrick Harris

Celebrity Dance-Off Host

Fanart Fanart

Molly Cheek

Jim's Mother

Fanart Fanart

Rebecca De Mornay

Finch's Mother

Fanart Fanart

Jesse Malinowski



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