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Spirit of the Forest 2008

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The Spirit of the Forest is a fun-filled, action-packed adventure that takes you into a spectacular world beyond your imagination! The evil Mrs. D’Abondo wants to help a powerful businessman build a highway through the middle of the forest, a diabolical plan that forces the forest creatures to flee. To stop Mrs. D’Abondo and save their homes, Furi leads his friends in a daring mission to keep the forest alive.
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Plot summary

A powerful businessman wants to build a highway through the forest. One of the town's most evil character, Mrs D'Abondo, loves the idea and orders her husband to cut down the trees. Everyone must flee... But Furi and his friends don't intend to give up so easily. They'll have the help of the Clan of the Free Cats, spearheaded by the conceited Tigre, and the flies, HUHU and HOHO. When they find out what Mrs D'Abondo is afraid of, Furi hatches a plot to bring to life the Spirit of the forest.
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This is the first time I've been compelled to review a movie online at all. I just had to so that no one else wasted money on this movie (The company that made it wasted enough for all of us). I only endured this movie because my son said he wanted to finish it to see what happened. Endure is really a tame word. Every 25 seconds or so one of the characters was taking part in a violent act or talking about something violent or murderous. This was interspersed with off-color jokes (none of them remotely funny) and a script that couldn't be written that badly on purpose. The music was sub-par and sappy. The animation was just so-so. On and on.nnI like slapstick comedy, creepy violence and off-color humor but this was even unbearable as just me, not the parent me.nnThe message was really trying to be positive: The residents of the forest band together to try and save it from a money-grubbing human with plans to level the forest and pave a road right through it; but it just failed completely as a whole.nnSorry Ms. Houston, Mr. Astin, Mr. Ribisi and Mr. Perlman this is the worst movie I have ever seen. Also, it is definitely not for children.
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María Adánez

Linda (voice)

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Sean Astin

Furi (voice)

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Anjelica Huston

Mrs. D'Abondo (voice)

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Ron Perlman

Oak (voice)

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Giovanni Ribisi

Cebolo (voice)


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