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Distant Cousins 1993

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Kate's husband Richard hasn't seen his cousin Harry for 20 years. So when he comes to stay with his fiancee Connie they are welcomed. But Kate senses her family is at risk when they start behaving suspiciously.
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Plot summary

After not seeing him since he was a child, a successful advertising executive with the ideal family is visited by his cousin. He soon finds that his cousin and his cousin's fiance are taking over his and his wife's life and winning the affection of his son.
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I had nothing to do during a raining Sunday, so I watched this abomination. It was either this or figure skating, so I decided this would cause less suffering. I was wrong.nnThis follows the
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Mel Harris

Katherine June Sullivan

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David Keith

Harry Young

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William Katt

Richard Sullivan

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Mary Crosby


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Brian Bonsall

Alex Sullivan

Fanart Fanart

Marg Helgenberger


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Cyndi Pass

Mrs. Simms

Fanart Fanart

John O'Leary

Mr. Williams

Fanart Fanart

Edward Bunker

Mr. Benson

Fanart Fanart

Stacey Nelkin

Bank Teller

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Christopher Kriesa

1st Policeman


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