Empathy 2007

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Supernatural drama about ex-con Jimmy Collins, just released from prison, who begins experiencing paranormal visions whenever he touches people. His visions involve him in a high-profile murder case, assisting the police even while he himself is under suspicion.
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Plot summary

On the same day Jimmy Collins is released from prison, he discovers that he has a remarkable psychic-ability. He gets visions when he touches people or their belongings. He sees what they see and feels what they feel. His main goal is to rebuild the relationship with his daughter Amy who lives with his ex-wife and her new husband. Jimmy wants to return to the normal life he lived before he ended up behind bars, accused of assaulting the man who attacked and nearly killed his wife at the time.
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I really enjoyed this drama and was just getting in to it when it ended.nnAfter getting out of prison for manslaughter, Jimmy (played by the charming Stephen Moyer) starts to see briefly into people's lives by merely touching them, seeing their inner most secrets. At first he thinks the prolonged stay in prison has made him unable to cope with life on the outside, especially because he has just started to pick up life where he left off with his daughter, who he hasn't seen in over 9 years and his wife Sarah has moved on with life and is happily married to someone else. nnHowever, when he accidentally bumps into a young guy on a station platform, Jimmy begins to have flashes of a very violent murder of a young girl in the woods. He starts to see a psychologist and has a MRI scan; hoping to find a reason for these impromptu flashes. But really starts to worry when a body of a young girl is found in the woods.nnJimmy has two options. Follow his friend's advice and tell no one, or do the opposite and go to the police hoping they'll listen and use these flashes to stop the next murder….nnThough Empathy was slightly predictable (I must admit I pointed out within seconds who the real killer was) Stephen Moyer played a convincing role as a man who was totally freaked out by the prospect of seeing into people's most inner thoughts. The other characters were all well played and given bit more time, they could have developed well.nnIt was fast paced (sometimes a bit too fast, my boyfriend had a hard time keeping up with all the flash backs) and nicely wrapped up in drama of an hour and a half. It even left on a cliff hanger, I'm guessing leaving it open for a series but I must admit to being rather disappointed that there weren't a few more episodes more. I for one would have tuned in to it!nnI agree with a few of the recent reviews on the web that if they were to carry this through to a 'Touching Evil' type drama series, they are going to have to dig a little deeper when it comes to their story lines. Perhaps reading some Agatha Christie might help :O)
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