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Any Questions for Ben? 2012

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For 27-year-old Ben, life couldn't be better. A well paid job, friends, parties, girls and nothing to tie him down. But when he is invited back to his old school to join several other ex-students including Alex and Jim in talking about their personal achievements, something goes wrong.
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Plot summary

Ben (Josh Lawson) is a twenty-something up and coming marketing guru who is invited to his old school to speak at a careers event, which is also attended by Alex (Rachael Taylor), an old classmate. This rekindles a mutual attraction between them and is also a life-changing event for Ben, as he starts to question his career to date, and where his life is headed. He turns to those around him for support but realization slowly dawns that it is only he who can control his own destiny.
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I really enjoyed this film for a lazy winters Friday night .. nnOf course being from Melb it's always fun to watch movies made near home, I will agree not the most amazing cinematography and the story line or way scenes were constructed didn't really flow. Some of the music tracks are not timed well.. nnHaving said that very entertaining, made me smile and did make me want to fall in love with some good quotes about life and commitment evoking feelings of nostalgia. I guess being 28 myself can relate a lot to the story and becoming relationship focused! nnThe dude is 30 playing a 27 yr old so it's not as far fetched as others claim..nnIt would be great to see more Aussie films in future that go the next level, but heading in the right direction.
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