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Baby Face Nelson 1957

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Famed Depression-era gangster “Baby Face Nelson” (Mickey Rooney) robs and kills while accompanied by his beautiful moll (Carolyn Jones).
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Plot summary

George "Babyface" Nelson became one of the most important gangsters of 1920s Chicago by making brutal robberies. In order to compete with Al Capone, he allied himself with John Dillinger.
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Mickey Rooney gives an energetic ,scary and persuasive performance in this crisp and edgy don Siegal movie.The businesslike script by Irving Shulman and Daniel Mainwaring traces the rise of Nelson from apprentice gunman to Rocca(Ted de Corsia),through his meetings with Dillinger(Leo Gordon), his incarceration and subsequent escape aided by girlfriend Sue(Carolyn Jones)and his rise to the status of Public Enemy Number 1 Little is said about the background to the story-prohibition is scarcely touched on -or about Nelson's personal motivation .Instead it records -even ,disquietingly ,celebrates his achievements and behaviour.nnThe support cast gives Rooney solid backup and special kudos go to Sir Cedric Hardwicke ,Jack Elam and Emile Meyer It looks cheap and low budget but this actually helps the impact of this slick ,anti-social pulp movie
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Mickey Rooney

Lester M. 'Baby Face Nelson' Gillis

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Carolyn Jones

Sue Nelson

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Cedric Hardwicke

Doc Saunders (as Sir Cedric Hardwicke)

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Leo Gordon

John Dillinger

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Anthony Caruso

John Hamilton

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Jack Elam

Fatso Nagel

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John Hoyt

Samuel F. Parker

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Ted de Corsia


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Elisha Cook Jr.

Homer van Meter


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