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Romantic Warriors 2003

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A group of deadly assassins kidnap a hostage in the hope of getting a high ransom but when they manage to lose themselves in a forest and end up spending the night in a haunted house they manage to disrupt the plans of the ghosts to descend to heaven. The assassins hatch a plan to solve the problem but in doing so reveal themselves to be incompetent, so the ghosts decide to give them some training themselves…
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Plot summary

At first, four swordsmen hired to bring back a runaway concubine appear to be competent mercenaries, but soon prove themselves to be a bunch of incompetent buffoons. Their leader, Yae-rang, only has one fighting stance: to drop his sword, make faces at the enemy and pinch his own nipples. Yo-i, is just as idiotic, but at least has a touch of humanity as he works as a mercenary only to earn money for his kid sister. The four take the concubine and her lover into custody, but also accidentally manage to somehow ruin the chance for the ghosts of five murdered courtesans to ascend to heaven. The warriors agree to kill the man responsible which will set the ghosts free, but they must be taught a few tricks by the ghosts as their existing martial arts skills are nearly useless.
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oh my sweet heaven! these guys are just too frickin' funny! the characters from Sex is Zero really make this shine. and the humour is utterly hilarious. i laughed so hard sometimes, i nearly wet myself.nnif you get Korean comedies, with their seemingly weird ultra-serious subplot, and can handle the juxtaposition, then you'll just love this film. the humour in the midst of the serious moments can seem like a real weird mix, but, again, if you can dig it, it's great.nnthe action sequences are really well done and are really very satisfying. for all its humour, the film has some great fights! the pacing is just right and you're never bored watching the film.nnlost two points because i thought the serious bits went just a bit too long. but then, that's the Korean taste in film: disparate unions.nnWR!
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