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The Last Hit 2013

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Plot summary

Driven by revenge, Simon Carson is an elite killer for the local crime syndicate. One day he is sent to dispose of a young girl. He decides to instead save her.
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I have watched the movie a couple of times. I noticed that one scene in an earlier version was a little weak. This was corrected in a later version. It's a shoot'em up with a subtle comedy that makes for a very enjoyable movie to watch. The lead actor was excellent in his portrayal of The Hit Man. You could feel his emotions through out the movie. The young girl did a fine job in her portrayal which had you wondering at certain times, where was this movie headed. While the bad guys were, can we say rather clumsy, they were still interesting characters. And the older gentleman is definitely someone to watch out for if you are out to rob someone :-) A surprising twist at the end. I would highly recommend it!
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