Meeting in the Middle 2008

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  • Meeting in the Middle
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  • Jason Eberly,
  • Jason Eberly, Nathan Hartman
  • Minnow,,
  • Tagline : Her story from the beginning. His story from the end. Let the therapy begin.

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Plot summary

While talking about their recent break-up, Ellen Williams and Adam Barnes tell their respective therapists opposing sides of the story. Ellen starts from the beginning and tells how they both met while she was waitressing in a small café. Adam, on the other hand, tells his tale from the end with the account of the couple's final fight. Eventually, their separate stories meet somewhere in the middle and reveal the actual reason for their chaotic breakup. "Meeting in the Middle" brings the laughs hard and fast, painting a hilarious and true portrayal of relationships and the stupid things that can get in the way.
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