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The Eternal 1998

  • 4.9
    TVGLU rating 4.9/10 8 votes
  • 4.5/10
    TMDB rating
  • 4.3/10
    IMDB rating
  • R
  • 32
    95 min


  • The Eternal
  • English
  • $
  • $
  • Featured crew

  • Michael Almereyda,
  • Michael Almereyda, Mark Amin
  • Trimark,,
  • Tagline : Evil sleeps, but never dies.

    Awards : 1 win & 1 nomination.


An alcoholic American couple travel to the UK with their son so he can meet his grandmother but they walk in on their crazed uncle who is in the midst of reviving a centuries-old Druid witch.
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Plot summary

As with Almereyda's previous films, this one deals with a gothic subject in a modern context. Lushly filmed it concerns an alcoholic womans return to her Irish roots, only to turn into a film about a woman whose soul is desired by a 1000 year old witch.
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The weirdest thing about this odd little movie is that its labelled a remake of The Mummy (1932) (And subsequent remakes). nnBut instead of a mummy we have a witch.nnAnd instead of Egypt it's Ireland.nnAnd instead of being good, its terrible.nnStarring Christopher Walken and Jared Harris, even a decent cast couldn't turn this one around.nnThe plot is thoroughly confuddled, the script is dire and the only thing that the movie has going for it is the finale but even that is recycled.nnThe Eternal (Otherwise known as Trance) is a hard one to pigeon hole. It's not exactly a traditional horror, more a supernatural thriller maybe?nnOne thing is for sure, the movie isn't as smart as the creators clearly thought it was and falls under the category of instantly forgettable.nnThe Good:nnWalken and Harris do finennThe Bad:nnMessy score/soundtracknnWalken is wastednnThings I Learnt From This Movie:nnGetting knocked out twice within the space of a few minutes has to have a lasting impact right?
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