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Jim in the Box 2007

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Plot summary

Jack the clown gains his revenge! Jim is trapped in a disturbingly sterile white box, chained to the ground, fed hallucinogenic bugs, and tortured by a deranged clown.
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This one was somewhat interesting, had me really going, but unfortunately it never reveals anything. You know as much at the beginning of the film as you are going to at the end. Where that is usually not necessarily a bad thing in a horror short, this one just seemed to need some sort of reveal at the end. However, aside from that it was relatively interesting as I was not sure where it was going. This film features a man in a box, who is being tormented by a clown that is feeding our prisoner crickets. Crickets that apparently have some sort of hallucinate within them as the man seems to flip out every time he eats them. Beyond that there really is not much to say about this one without giving stuff away. The clown is kind of creepy, but then a lot of clowns are kind of creepy. The guy trapped in the box does a fairly good job conveying terror and hopelessness. The set is simple as you do not really see much beyond the strange white room the one guy is chained in. Like I said, if they added some type of reveal at the end instead of nothing really relevant happening this one could have been super good. As is, it is relatively good.
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