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Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna 1986

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Story of Anna Anderson, who claimed to be Anastasia Romanov, the only surviving daughter of the Czar and Czarina of Russia.
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Plot summary

In 1920s Berlin, suicidal asylum patient Anna Anderson claims to be Anastasia Romanov, the supposedly dead daughter of the last tsar of Russia, Nicholas II, who was dethroned and murdered by the communists along with his entire immediate family during the Russian Revolution. She is so convincing in her descriptions of her life on the court and how she escaped the communist purge that, after leaving the asylum, she slowly gains followers willing to believe her story. However, the surviving members of the Romanov family who now live in exile are not among them. This skepticism soon turns into mutual animosity.
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It's out of question that the real Anna Anderson was NOT Princess Anastasia. Apart from very distinctive differences in physical appearance(Anderson's eyes are perceivably larger, lips thicker, nose larger and turned up at the end....etc), Anderson's unable to speak Russian was a ridiculous tell......That's why I detest Anna Anderson and her confederates so much. Not a lot of swindlers have the audacity and endurance to scam for 60+ years with such a blatantly untenable scheme.nnYet to some extent I have sympathy for Anna Anderson. Life must have been hard for a young Polish peasant worker in those days. And to impersonate another woman for 60+ years is an arduous task for anybody.She had to hold back her fleshy lips all the time to mimic the thin lips of Anastasia's, and had to occasionally go lunatic to make people believe all her chaotic memory was just a result of mental problem.nnAnna Anderson was an awesome woman on a wrong track. Had she put her good-looks, learned elegance, endurance, acting skills into proper use, she could of made a first-class actress.nnOn a side note: Some main characters of this two-parter seem to be loosely based on real figures. Prince Erich could be a mixture of Gleb Botkin(believed by many the most possible brain behind the whole scheme), Duke George and Dmitri of Leuchtenberg, and several other figures. And Darya Romanoff seem to be based on the gorgeous Princess Xenia Georgievna Romanova. But unlike the real confederates, Prince Erich was motiveless in this show and supported Anna out of love for and sincere belief in her, which is touching.nnOn the whole this is a great show. Fictionalised a bit but still remains faithful to the reality. The power of Amy Irving's acting lies in that she successfully represented Anderson's self-assuredness, the mixture of impersonating others and being herself is intriguing. Just as Princess Xenia said about Anderson:
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Amy Irving

Anna Anderson

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Olivia de Havilland

Dowager Empress Maria

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Rex Harrison

Grand Duke Cyril Romanov

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Omar Sharif

Czar Nicholas II

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Susan Lucci

Darya Romanoff

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Elke Sommer

Isabel Von Hohenstauffen

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Claire Bloom

Czarina Alexandra

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Nicolas Surovy

Serge Markov

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Edward Fox

Dr. Hauser

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Christian Bale



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