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Vizontele 2001

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The story takes place in a small town (called Hakkari) in Turkey at the beginning of the 70's. The time has come to bring technology into that small town. The first Television (or called Visiontele by the citizens) arrives and the chaos begins.
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Plot summary

The film is about the introduction of television to a small village in southeast Anatolia in 1974. Employing a tragicomic language, it tells of the efforts of Emin who is the village idiot and Nazmi who is the mayor of the village. Emin and Nazmi attempt to start the broadcasting of television in their village and face various difficulties in this process.
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I entered this movie, expecting an over-rated, far-from funny, horribly acted, unrealistic load of hyped-up trash. Imagine my suprise, when it turned out to be a magnifecent piece of art, worth praising for hours without end. This is cinema art in it's best moments. Alright, I'm exaggerating, but Yilmaz Erdogan has done a terrific job with the story, the characters, and most of all the editing and cinematography. Erdogan has created magic with the camera, and has created a believable, realistic movie. Like a Coen Brothers movie, Vizontele is done so neatly, that one mutters curses during the final 15 minutes, cursing at the irony of the entire plot and ending. I've been living in Ankara for the past 4 years, and my knowledge of Turkish is now almost as good as my English. I sent out mail to all my friends back in the States, recommending this movie. Catch it- and catch it subtitled. For some odd reason, the greatest movie-producing country of all time, conjures up some of the worst dubbings in history. Watch it, and keep in mind that this not the usual turkish stuff. Watch it as soon as possible, and I mean it.
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Yılmaz Erdoğan

Deli Emin

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Demet Akbağ

Siti Ana

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Altan Erkekli

Başkan Nazmi

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Cem Yılmaz


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Şafak Sezer



Tolga Çevik


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Cezmi Baskın


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Zeynep Tokuş


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Erdal Tosun



Tuncer Salman



Mesut Çakarlı


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Erkan Can

Mela Hüseyin


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