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Infernal Street 1973

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A Chinese doctor's assistant fights the morphine-dealing criminals who run a Japanese nightclub.
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Plot summary

A Japanese nightclub is poisoning a Chinese village with morphine and opium, making addicts of the locals. A doctor offers free treatments, but the Japanese put a stop to it by falsely accusing him of malpractice and extorting money from him. The doctor's young assistant seeks to avenge the man who is his employer, guardian and future father-in-law. But the duplicitous wife of an addict and the vengeful men from the nightclub will stand in his way. His worst enemy of all will be a man called the Chairman, with his fingers of death.
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Evil Japanese are making Chinese villagers drug addicts by way of their nefarious opium den. A young doctor decides to go up against these foreign criminals. Much punching, kicking and chopping ensues.nnInfernal Street is yet another in a long line of many, many low budget chopsocky productions knocked out in the 70's and 80's. If you are a fan of the sub-genre then it has to be admitted that this is pretty much more of the same. It's rammed to the gunnels with martial arts action from the get go, so at the very least you can't accuse this flick of not at least trying to deliver the expected thrills. It all got a bit tedious for me though to be honest as the fights more or less rolled into one after a bit and the overall feeling was that this effort was pretty indistinguishable from most of the others in this field of action films.
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Chang Feng


Wan Hsi Chin


Wai Hung Ho


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