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Midnight Matinee 1988

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Plot summary

Welcome to Holsten, B.C., a small town where no one is very happy. Two years ago the local movie theatre had a horror film festival, during which a local teen was murdered at the same moment and manner as the onscreen character. Now another horror movie festival is set to happen, and some people feel history will repeat itself. Sure enough, as the line between movies and reality blurs, the horror doesn't stay onscreen.
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This made-for-TV Canadian production was an acceptably entertaining, if predictable whodunit thriller using horror references (posters and images) and backdrop tools (horror movie festival) to suck in genre fans. Well those novelties do amuse. As it is, it holds your interest, but can be plodding and flat with its flabby material covering the conventional basics and having an overly talky script. You got the usual red herrings (the movie geek, weathered cop, seamy newspaper reporter, repressed mother, two rebellious teens and the list goes on… and on) and dramas (forbidden love to lurking secrets) in a more bounded by reality than most stalk and slash items that are screening at the movie festival. However some certain plot aspects seem to be just there or just non-effective (like the police investigation). Everything is done in a subdued manner (from the minor list of off-screen killings to the performances) and drills out a sombre vibe. Disposable performances are passable and there are some recognisable faces in the way of Don S. Davis and William B Davis that add some class. Director Richard Martin slack handling doesn't build much in the way of suspense or etches much style. Despite being steadily well presented (the score is competently suited), it's wooden all round and shows it TV origins.
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