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Who Loves the Sun 2006

  • 7.3
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A man (Lukas Haas) encounters a childhood friend (Adam Scott) who had an affair with his wife (Molly Parker) five years earlier.
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Plot summary

Early thirty-somethings Daniel Bloom and Will Morrison had been best friends since they were children, with Will's wife, Maggie Claire, added to that friendship. Their combined friendship ended five years ago, when Will "disappeared", none of the two hearing from him until now when Will unexpectedly ends up on the lakeside home doorstep of Arthur and Mary Bloom, Daniel's parents, who also have not seen Will since that time, and to who Will does not divulge the reason for his disappearance or return. The only news that Will provides is that he has just finished writing a book which is to be published. Not knowing the issue between the three, the senior Blooms decide to call both Daniel, who is now a New York based magazine writer and one time novelist, and Maggie to come and deal with whatever the reason for their estrangement with Will. Beyond the fact of the aftermath of Will's disappearance for those five years, both Maggie and Daniel are aware of the reason for Will's unilateral ...
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I didn't know anything about this movie going into it so I was pleasantly surprised after watching it. Prior to seeing it I had been watching some rather disappointing independent films, so I was very glad that I saw this entertaining picture.nnWill returns to meet his friends Daniel and Maggie after a five year departure. Staying at the lakeside home of Daniel's parents, the group intervene, recalling their past and trying to fix their troubles together.nnStarring Lukas Haas and Adam Scott, two actors I grew up watching on TV and on film, I was glad to see the two on screen together. And Molly Parker, R H Thomson, and Wendy Crewson complete the wonderful ensemble. With so many great interactions between the characters, the film is filled with excellent dialogue both dramatic and comedic. For a great character driven film, Who Loves the Sun is a perfect selection.
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Will Morrison

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Maggie Claire

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Daniel Bloom

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Arthur Bloom

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