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Come Live with Me 1941

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Seeking US citizenship, a Viennese refugee arranges a marriage of convenience with a struggling writer.
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Plot summary

Illegal immigrant and showgirl Johnny Jones is due to be deported from the USA, her only hope is to get married, but her rich publisher boyfriend Barton Kendrick is already married! She meets down-on-his-luck author, Bill Smith, and proposes a marriage of convenience in order to remain in the country, but Bill has more ambitious ideas.
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I was a little bored with the first half hour of this film, but a well-written turn of events sends this movie in the right direction. It mixes a few classic themes (marry vs. deportation, country comes to town, wealth vs poverty, town goes to country, etc...) that could have made this movie completely formulaic. However, formula goes out the door with Jimmy Stewart's charm and Hedy Lamarr's stunning beauty. nnOnce both characters spend screen time together, consistently, the energy of this slightly screwball romantic comedy picks up quickly. The grandmother is all wisdom, wit, and heart. Her common sense needlework samplers are artfully placed and still hold true today. The grandmother's calm voice, the sound of crickets chirping, and the other country nuances slow down the pace to a level that seems so foreign to an actress like Hedy Lamarr. She seems so out of place, but that is what makes her so enjoyable to watch. She melts slowly from the WWII city girl ice queen fugitive until she's relaxed and calm as if she can go home again, but this time to a slice of Americana rather than Austria and with a moral upstanding young man if that's the choice she's willing to make. nnThis has just been made available for purchase on DVD. It's now on my
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