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The Three Swordsmen 1994

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Samurai and Smiling Sam are two famous martial arts masters in Central China. On the night before the big martial arts competition, someone murders the Empress, and the two swordsmen are framed for the crime. Determined to clear their name, they soon uncover a heinous plot that must be stopped. Meanwhile, a third swordsman, Big Knife, tries to track the pair down so he can join their fight.
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Plot summary

Dazzling swordplay and eye-poping battles highlight this story of the top three swordsmen in central China; Samurai, Smiling Sam and Big Knife who become involved in a plot to recover the Holy Sword and also avenge the murder of the Empress.
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As much as I love the genre of wuxia/swordsman films, not all of them are winners. Even with an awesome cast of top talent such as Andy Lau, Elvis Tsui and the queen of the genre Bridgett Linn The Three Swordsmen falls flat. While I can forgive a swordsman movie for not having a cohesive story with plot holes galore.(as this is normal for the genre) This tournament movie fails to generate excitement. Bridgett Linn plays a man here, which is nothing new as gender bending is one of the many things she did well before retiring from the movie business. However, it is hard for anyone to shine in a production that sucks this bad. This film is not only poorly made, but bland and generic to the extreme. It also has a goofy tone that does not serve the film well. There is some crazy action with people flying around to keep you from falling asleep. The aforementioned action scenes are average at best and would need to be exceptional to elevate material this poor. This came out when swordsman movies were very popular in Hong Kong. Unless you want to celebrate the entire filmography of the aforementioned icons of HK cinema,or you are a hardcore fan of the genre, you will want to avoid The Three Swordsmen. It is not a good movie and one of my dvds that sat on my rack and I forgot about for good reason, it sucks.
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Andy Lau

Sam Siu / Smiling Sam

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Brigitte Lin

Ming Jian / Sword

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Elvis Tsui

Wham Dao / Big Knife

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Yu Li

Ku Choi-Yi

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Siqin Gaowa

Ming Jian's Mother

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Ray Lui


Te-mao Jin


Wai-Wai Tung



See-ho Leung



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