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The Zoo Gang 1985

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A former boxer known as Old Leather Face opens a nightclub called the Zoo, which does not do a good business. A group of homeless teenagers want to rent the place and start what they hope will be a profitable business, but a gang threatens to shut it down. Old Leather Face accepts the teenagers offer and becomes involved with trying to help them succeed.
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Plot summary

Homeless kids need a place to stay, so they rent the club "The Zoo" out, from Old Leather Face. Later, a new gang attempts to take away their home. A fight ensues with thumbtacks and staplers as the weapons.
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Another in a long line of low budget, predictable teen movies. A group of nice kids rent a building from a skid row bum who claims to be in possession of the domicile. Of course, he lied. They work hard to turn it into a rock club, but are ousted by a local repo company run by a smarmy thug and his imbecile boys. Things come to a head when the teens learn they can have the property back if they re-install the bum into his living quarters on the place before a certain date. This film should appeal to young teens, but me, I thought it was a total waste of time.
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