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Advance & Retreat 2016

  • 7.9
    TVGLU rating 7.9/10 17 votes
  • 5.7/10
    TMDB rating
  • 6.3/10
    IMDB rating
  • TV-PG
  • 156


Life is good for marketing professional Allison, she’s well on her way to earning a stellar promotion all while dating equally successful co-worker Bryce. Her biggest rival for the position, Vanessa, has the boss’ eye, but Allison has a plan. To win the promotion, she needs to impress her boss, Nathan, at their annual company retreat. Of course, she has a head start since she used to be a camp counselor. The only caveat, this year’s trip happens to be the site of Allison’s first heartbreak: her old camp. And who should still be working there but the handsome as ever ex-boyfriend who broke that teenage heart, Cody. But was it all a misunderstanding? Allison’s tasked with navigating not only the obstacle course but her relationships…past and present.
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Plot summary

After she reconnects with an old flame at a corporate retreat, an ambitious executive realizes that taking a step back may help her make a leap forward.
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The setting in the summer camp is quite pretty. But who cares enough about the opening or closing of a summer camp to make a movie about? The lead actress isn't quite appealing enough to carry this kind of rom com. Don't bother.
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Casey Jon Deidrick

Cody Randall

Fanart Fanart

Riley Voelkel


Fanart Fanart

Brandon Jones

Bryce Bishop

Fanart Fanart

Dirk Blocker


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C. Thomas Howell

Nathan Shapiro

Fanart Fanart

Whitney Anderson

Vanessa Boyd

Fanart Fanart

Tiffany Boone


Fanart Fanart

Bianca Lopez



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