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Madonna: The Immaculate Collection 1990

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The Immaculate Collection is the first commercially released greatest videos compilation by singer Madonna. Released by Warner Music Vision, Warner Reprise Video and Sire Records on November 13, 1990 to accompany the audio CD, it contained hits spanning 1983-1990. The collection won "Best Long Form Video" category at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards. It was certified gold in Brazil by the Associação Brasileira dos Produtores de Discos (ABPD) for shipment of 25,000 copies.
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Plot summary

Definitive classic collection of 12 music videos from the Queen of Pop released along with her first greatest hits package. Her "Vogue" MTV Video Music Awards performance is an added bonus.
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The first female mogul of the 21st century, Madonna made her mark on the entertainment industry in 1983 and since then things have never been the same. Her controversy has only managed to see her through one great success after another. While the Christians and other prudes criticize and rally against her for her obsession with sex, lude choreography and salacious attitude, millions have flocked to her concerts, purchased all of her highly-publicized albums and emulated her every move. While being a second-rate actress in the movies, her music videos have defined an entire generation. nnAnd that is what this collection features, covering the first seven years of Madonna's career. From the primitive LUCKY STAR and BORDERLINE, following through the star-turning LIKE A VIRGIN and MATERIAL GIRL, the serious subject matter of PAPA DON'T PREACH, the religiously glorified LIKE A PRAYER, the futuristic EXPRESS YOURSELF, the fun-loving CHERISH and concluding with her 90s mega- triumph VOGUE, Madonna has proven that the feminine strength and sheer force of will can take a woman farther than a man would imagine. To take a chance and make material as risque as hers only adds to her legendary star power. This compilation is a standing testament to the determination of one woman.
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