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Sequoia 2014

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A young man meets a 23-year-old cancer patient on the way to the park and disrupts her plan to commit suicide.
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Plot summary

A very lively woman with a very deadly cancer visits a national park with the intention of ending her life there-- but her suicide plans are continually thwarted, not least of all by her family, which finds itself unamused with her death wish.
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Young Alyson Michalka has decided to take her own life, but she's decided on a unique way to do it. She's taken a slow acting poison, takes several hours to kick in. Meantime she's decided that where she wants to end her life is among the oldest living things on planet earth, the giant redwood trees in Sequoia National Park in northern California.nnBut a funny thing happens along the way, she meets Dustin Milligan whom she falls for. The problem is will she have enough time to have a real romance. And it's not completely up to her.nnOf course her dysfunctional family is worried which includes sister Sophia Bairley, separated parents Joey Lauren Adams and Todd Lowe, and Adams's new boyfriend Sean Hood. These four have some interesting dialog in a car while they are on a frantic search for Michalka.nnSequoia is a nice no frills story with nice location scenery in Sequoia National Park. There's also a key scene with Michalka and Lou Diamond Phillips in a cameo role as a terminally ill AIDS patient who sees life a bit differently than Michalka.nnYou'll like the park and the players.
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