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Here's Flash Casey 1938

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After graduating college an aspiring photographer lands his first job--with a big city newspaper.
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Plot summary

Flash Casey, after working his way through college by taking pictures, finds the newspaper world harder to break into than he had expected. Free-lancing, he snaps a picture of Rodney Addison, son of the Globe-Press owner Major Addison, kissing French dancer Mitzi LaRue and submits it to Globe-Press city editor Blaine. He gets a job on the paper because Blaine wants to suppress the picture. He is confined to assisting regular staff photographer Wade who gets all the credit for the pictures Flash takes. His only bright spot is a romance with Kay Lanning, the paper's society editor and sob-sister columnist. Through her he meets Lawrence, editor of the weekly pictorial magazine called Snap News that the Globe-Press publishes. Gus Payton, the photographer assigned to Lawrence but who has been bribed by Bliane to turn over his best pictures to the city desk, quits when Lawrence accuses him of double-dealing. Payton opens a camera shop that is secretly financed by gangland chief Ricker. ...
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All these twenty-five and thirty year old actors are claiming to be college students, about to graduate. Flash has been putting himself through school by taking photographs, and now he wants a job in the real world. He hits up the local papers, but can only get a job by blackmailing the city editor with a photo of the owner's daughter in a compromising position. Hi-jinx follow,and he gets fired again. He'll have to photograph something big, like something that happens right in front of him just when he needs it. The picture and sound quality are pretty rough, but the story is pretty solid. Eric Linden was only in hollywood 10 years, but moved to stage after that. Co-star Patricia Mallory also only had ten years in hollywood, and sadly, her life was cut short due to cancer. Produced by the Mu0026A Company, which seems to stand for Max and Arthur Alexander, for Grand National Pictures. Directed by Lynn Shores.. not a lot of info on him out there. didn't direct very long. Wonder if he's related to Del Lynn Shores, of Sordid Lives. maybe grandfather? who knows. another interesting tidbit... in the film, we see quick
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