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Patrick Still Lives! 1980

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A young man lying in a coma has telepathic powers that he can use to spread violence and death around him.
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Plot summary

Patrick, a young man whose father runs a remote spa, is injured in a roadside incident and is in a coma. Some years later, during the off season, five people arrive at the clinic - an ambitious politician and his wife, a swimming star who's the son of a wealthy investor, and a tough-talking man and woman who arrive together but sleep in separate rooms. They're greeted by Lydia, the doctor's new assistant, and by two viciously barking dogs. The dogs' keeper warns Davis, the swimmer, to leave. In a locked part of the clinic, Patrick is in bed, wired to three comatose bodies. What sinister purpose does the doctor have? One by one, the guests meet trouble. Does Patrick have feelings?
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Mario Landi's PATRICK STILL LIVES is a weird little film that is weak on pretty much every level - but still manages to be entertaining and pretty fun to watch...nnPatrick is the victim of an unfortunate (and kinda hilarious...)accident: while standing by the side of the road, he's randomly hit in the face with a bottle that a passing motorist chucks out of his window, leaving poor Patrick in a coma, but with telekinetic powers (!!??!!) Patrick's scientist father owns a villa with a lab in the basement where he conducts experiments to strengthen Patrick's mind powers so that he can one day seek revenge for his condition. Dad lures several people to his villa with the intention of letting vegetable-boy wreak some havoc. This eventually does happen and the results are pretty rewarding...nnPATRICK STILL LIVES is a pretty good example of classic 70's/80's exploitation sleaze. Plenty of tits and ass (including a pretty hot masturbation scene from a sexy - if a little too
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Sacha Pitoëff

Dr. Herschell


Gianni Dei

Patrick Herschell

Fanart Fanart

Mariangela Giordano

Stella Randolph

Fanart Fanart

Carmen Russo

Cheryl Kraft

Fanart Fanart

Paolo Giusti

David Davis


Franco Silva

Lyndon Kraft


John Benedy

Peter Suniak


Andrea Belfiore

Lydia Grant (uncredited)


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