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The Bargee 1964

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After a lock-keeper entrusts his daughter to a canal Casanova, he is shocked to learn that she is pregnant. He then refuses to open his locks - causing barges to pile up in every direction until the guilty party confesses.
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Plot summary

Hemel Pike is a canal barge casanova, aided and abetted by his illiterate cousin, Ronnie. Hemel has a girl in every town along his route, and each one is intent on marriage. He is finally caught when one of the girls, Christine, falls pregnant. Her protective father, a 'larger than life' character, who holds the canal record for drinking 29 pints of 'Brown & Mild' in a single session, is understandably upset by his daughter's situation...
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Firstly in answer to one reviewers comment I was around at the time but did not go to see this money.I knew a clinker.A viewing 50 years on confirms my judgment.This rather like Steptoe and Barge.Extremely disappointing script and a rather unfunny Corbett do little to help.However what really makes it a pain to sit through is the tedious and unfunny standoff at the lock between Hugh Griffiths and the waterway officials..I am assuming it was meant to be funny and not dramatic.Eric Sykes is truly awful as a upper class boat owner.Spotting the support actors is about the only way of passing a rather tedious affair.
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Harry H. Corbett

Hemel Pike

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Hugh Griffith

Joe Turnbull

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Eric Sykes

The Mariner

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Ronnie Barker


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Julia Foster

Christine Turnbull

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Miriam Karlin

Nellie Marsh

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Eric Barker

Mr Parkes, the Foreman

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Derek Nimmo

Dr. Scott


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