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Break a Leg 2005

  • 3.5
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A talented, but struggling actor is willing to go to any length to get a job - including "break a leg"... especially those of other actors.
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Plot summary

When Max's performance is no competition for producers' nephews and bigger "names," his only option is to cripple the competition - literally. But as the roles get bigger, the competition gets stronger, the stakes get higher, and now with an undercover thespian cop on his trail, Max must struggle with his ongoing road to success and the choices he's made.
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The story was written well, and it kept my attention. There were some great shots and sequences in the film. There is a sequence where the main character (played by John Cassini) is acting out his part as a priest...delivering his lines to black x's on a green screen. The camera clips back and forth between Cassini's priest and the x's as his lines are spoken. A shot that particularly stood out was a 30-second shot of Cassini inserting a blue contact lens over his brown eye, the lens doesn't quite want to stay in place, over and over Cassini blinks, and finally the lens slides into place. Fantastic shot. Enjoyable film, I would recommend it.
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