Wolves in Paradise 2007

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Plot summary

Set in the soaring mountains and majestic valleys of southwest Montana, "Wolves in Paradise" is a tale of survival as ranchers face the challenge of living with wolves in the decade after the top predator was restored to Yellowstone National Park.
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This is not really a documentary. It is a propaganda piece on behalf of ranchers who are not willing to tolerate ANY losses (except for 1 or 2 exceptions, city ranchers). The point is ranchers have gotten lazy. For the majority of ranching history, ranching was a challenge, it has always been a challenge to keep lazy livestock alive in the face of healthy predators. However, in the past century, government has sided with business, as in many other sectors, and allowed ranchers to effect zero tolerance for wolf kill... thereby decimating wolf populations. After wolf reintroduction, as was expected, ranchers complained at every single cattle fatality, again, zero tolerance. Ranchers succeeded in convincing environmentalists and governments, that...
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