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Advance To The Rear 1964

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Slapstick rules in this 1964 Civil War comedy about miltary misfits and their incompetent commanders. Directed by George Marshall, and starring Glenn Ford, Stella Stevens, Melvyn Douglas, Joan Blondell, Jim Backus, Andrew Prine, Alan Hale Jr., Jesse Pearson, Michael Pate, James Griffith, Preston Foster, Yvonne Craig and the ever ubiquitous Whit Bissell.
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Plot summary

A Union army outfit of misfits and rejects is sent to the Western territory. Southern spies try to figure out what they're up to.
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I noticed there are some serious disagreements about this film--and I can certainly see why. While it is a comedy, its broadness will appeal to some and drive others away. In many ways, it plays like a 1960s sitcom--a kooky one at that. In fact, in many ways it's almost like an
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Glenn Ford

Capt. Jared Heath

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Stella Stevens

Martha Lou Williams

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Melvyn Douglas

Col. Claude Brackenbury

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Jim Backus

Gen. Willoughby

Fanart Fanart

Joan Blondell

Easy Jenny

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Andrew Prine

Pvt. Owen Selous


Jesse Pearson

Cpl. Silas Geary

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Alan Hale Jr.

Sgt. Beauregard Davis

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James Griffith

Hugo Zattig

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Whit Bissell

Capt. Queeg

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Michael Pate

Thin Elk


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