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Mr. 3 Minutes 2006

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Plot summary

The 30-year-old Scott is the son of a wealthy businessman, Mr. Chung, who runs a modern bridal salon. Scott is a sluggish and hedonistic man and a lot of women are willing to surrender themselves to him.
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Ronald Cheng plays Scott Chung, a successful designer who all of a sudden is told he may have a son, Wayne. Wayne is about five years old and comes to live with him while a DNA test is done to prove or disprove paternity (Wayne's mom is deceased). The title of this film refers to Scott's ability to solve any problem in 3 minutes. This one proves more daunting. Wayne is mostly a quiet kid and Scott begins to get fatherly feelings. Of course, you're wondering whether Scott is the father and you know you're not getting the answer till late in the film. This is pretty much run of the mill stuff but it has its nice moments as well as a few silly ones. Wayne was raised after his mom by his aunt and you want to see whether Scott and the aunt become closer. The film is okay, with mostly actors I haven't seen before in film, and they are fine. Its kind of a
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