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The Robber Bride 2007

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Journalist Zenia Arden has disappeared. When her finger turns up on the shores of Lake Ontario next to her blood-soaked car, the police believe they've uncovered a homicide.
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Plot summary

The facts: journalist Zenia Arden is missing, her abandoned car is found with three pints of her blood splattered inside, and one of her fingers severed from her body is found close to the car. From these facts, the authorities believe there is no way she could have survived what looks to be a brutal slaying. Henry Kelly, her police officer secret boyfriend, believes he will be implicated as the murderer. Henry goes to his old friend John Grismer, an ex-police officer now insurance investigator, to help him uncover what happened to Zenia. In his search for the truth, John finds that Zenia's three supposedly closest friends - magazine editor Roz Andrews, university history professor Tony Fremont and yoga instructor Charis White - are all less than sad at Zenia's death, their lack of remorse which they are open about when questioned by John. Apparently, Zenia came unexpectedly and independently into each of their lives, made it great for a while before she did something intentionally to...
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Margaret Atwood novels have not fared well as movies because she is far more interested in ideas than stories. The Handmaid's Tale had such powerful ideas it wasn't surprising the movie version disappointed. I'm not sure if Atwood was trying to write a comic novel when she wrote Robber Bride or trying to get as close as she could to a mystery novel. As with so many of her efforts, she wasn't successful at either, but the quality of her work makes reading her worthwhile anyway. CBC was pretty daring even to try to turn the novel into a TV movie. They chose the easy way out and turned it into a comic thriller. It works as well as other comic thrillers, better than the recent CTV adaptations of detective novels. It is the acting by Mary-Louise Parker, Amanda Root and others which earned it an above-average rating for me. Maybe with more money they could have turned it into a good cinema film.
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Mary-Louise Parker

Zenia Arden

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Shawn Doyle

John Grismer

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Susan Lynch

Charis White

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Wendy Crewson

Roz Andrews

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Amanda Root

Tony Fremont

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Tatiana Maslany


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Conrad Pla

Sgt. Parker

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Greg Bryk

Henry Kelly


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