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Mayday at 40,000 Feet! 1976

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The co-pilot and engineer of a passenger jet struggle to keep the plane airborne until it can reach an open airfield after a killer aboard the plane fires a gun at an engine and pilot of the plane.
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Plot summary

A Boeing 727 airliner belonging to Transcon Airways is scheduled to depart from Los Angeles en route to New York via a pit stop in Salt Lake City. Flight 602 is under the care of Captain Pete Douglas, First Officer Stan Burkhart and Second Officer Mike Fuller. The overall atmosphere on the flight is upbeat, despite Captain Pete Douglas' absent-mindedness due to his worries about his wife's upcoming surgery. Her doctors want to remove a lump in her breast before it becomes malign. The captain also worries about the announced snow storm that prompted some airports to close. He hopes to arrive to his destination in New York before the storm intensifies. The airplane makes its scheduled stop in Salt Lake City where it's refueled and takes on a few more passengers. Among the new passengers are an extradited prison inmate and his U.S. Marshals escort who are also traveling to New York. The aging Marshal has heart problems but is otherwise strong as a bull and is well armed. After leaving ...
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Robert Butler directed this TV movie that stars David Janssen as Pilot Captain Pete Douglass, who is having a bad day; his wife is having an operation while he must fly a passenger jet in a snowstorm from an airport that is also carrying a dangerous prisoner(played by Marjoe Gortner) in a jail transfer who of course escapes and proceeds to shoot his stolen gun in the cabin, causing all kinds of trouble. Past Oscar winners Ray Milland and Broderick Crawford costar. Good cast cannot save clichéd and predictable film that doesn't generate much interest or suspense. Mostly just a TV version of one of the
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Fanart Fanart

David Janssen

Captain Pete Douglass


Don Meredith

Mike Fuller

Fanart Fanart

Christopher George

Stan Burkhart

Fanart Fanart

Ray Milland

Dr. Joseph Mannheim

Fanart Fanart

Lynda Day George

Cathy Armello

Fanart Fanart

Margaret Blye

Susan Mackenzie

Fanart Fanart

Marjoe Gortner


Fanart Fanart

Broderick Crawford

Marshal Riese

Fanart Fanart

Shani Wallis

Terry Dunlap

Fanart Fanart

Jane Powell

Kitty Douglass

Fanart Fanart

John Pickard



Steven Marlo


Fanart Fanart

Al Molinaro


Fanart Fanart

Philip Baker Hall



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