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A Jersey Christmas 2008

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A group of store clerks get stuck working Christmas Eve at Xmas-O-Rama.
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Plot summary

A ragtag group of store clerks get stuck working until midnight on Christmas Eve at Xmas-O-Rama, a shabby Christmas shop in a blue-collar New Jersey town. The store is run by Mike Malcolm, a shady, degenerate gambler whose debts suddenly catch up with him in the form of two thugs who have come to collect what they are owed. Mike flees to the nearest card game to try and win enough money to keep his "creditors" from breaking his legs or worse. Alone in the store on this busy night of quirky last minute shoppers, the diverse, mostly non-Christian employees struggle with their "outsider" relationship to Christmas. While waiting for Mike's return, and more importantly their paychecks, the eccentric group reveal their individual religious pride, misunderstanding, jealousy and secret love for the spirit of ever-present Christmas.
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Jersey Christmas is a hilarious, no-holds barred look at Christmas through the eyes of non-Christians. I'm not a Christmas person, but every year my sister (who is the world's BIGGEST Christmas person) makes the family get together and watch movies at her place on Christmas Day. Well, I saw the description and thought I'd give this one a shot. WHAT A TREAT! It's a hilarious blend of dark humor, with enough heart to keep you rooting for the hero (actually heroes) all the way through. I'm definitely bringing this to the Christmas Day festivities. The only thing you might want to watch out for is watching it with your parents -- there are a couple off-color jokes, sort of like Bad Santa.
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