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Fore Play 1975

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A three-part omnibus centered around sex and its discontents.
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Plot summary

Three vignettes about a man who buys a weird doll, a writer who is visited by his muse and a kidnapper with very odd demands who holds a VIP.
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This is an often stupid, sometimes funny comedy that is divided into three segments. The first deals with a lonely man who buys a life size doll. The second is about a writer (Jerry Orbach from TV's Law and Order!) getting help from a muse and the third is about the president's daughter getting kidnapped and the outrageous demand which must be met for her return. The photography is pretty bad as is the acting but if you're in the mood for cheap laughs, this might do the trick.
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Fanart Fanart

Zero Mostel

The President / Don Pasquale

Fanart Fanart

Estelle Parsons

First Lady / Barmaid


Pat Paulsen


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Jerry Orbach

Jerry Lorsey

Fanart Fanart

Paul Dooley


Fanart Fanart

Irwin Corey

Professor Irwin Corey


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