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Amazones 2004

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Four women are sick of being poor. They decide to rob a bank. They are surprised how easily they get away with it and start to commit more robberies. When the net finally closes around them they decide to make one last big hit.
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Plot summary

Four women from the North of Dutch town Breda are sick of their poor life. Lot is divorced and has two little kids; her friend Sam has a busy family life and an unemployed husband; Reneetje has a little daughter (and always a sniff of coke in her pocket); teacher Kers has had trouble making ends meet after her husband died. They boldly decide to rob a bank in the neighborhood and to their surprise they get away with it easily. The women are extremely happy with the success of their moves, but life has gotten nowhere near easy! Kers is being harassed by the school principal Zeger who has feelings for her. Sam's husband Najib finds her cash in a kitchen drawer and is getting quite suspicious. Reneetje is spending money like water and, worse of all, Lot falls in love with Achilles, a police officer. Tighter and tighter, the women are getting trapped. They decide to make one last big hit, but that robbery gets terribly out of hand...
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If you don't expect too much, this movie is quite alright for an evening at home. The story is not very original or surprising, the development of the characters is not particularly strong. However, the movie is quite entertaining, mainly because the acting is fairly good. Sometimes it's nice to eat comfort food instead of a freshly cooked good meal. The only thing I find pretty disturbing is the fact that most of the actors are clearly faking the Breda accent. I am originally from that area and it's hard to listen how they are getting close but just not close enough. Nevertheless it is commendable that the director went for a realistic accent instead of the ever dominating Holland accent in other Dutch movies.
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