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Undermind 2003

  • 8.3
    TVGLU rating 8.3/10 4 votes
  • 6.5/10
    TMDB rating
  • 6.0/10
    IMDB rating
  • PG-13
  • 7


Derrick, a corporate lawyer with a large trust fund, and Zane, a criminal, live in opposite social spheres. Although they never meet, their lives are more connected than either one of them could ever imagine.
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Plot summary

This psychological dramatic thriller set in New York City is about one man on a journey to find himself. Derrick, a 27 year-old corporate lawyer with a large trust fund, enters the polar opposite world of Zane, a hapless criminal and an aspiring musician. Although the two have never met, and never will, the lives of Derrick and Zane are more connected than either one could ever imagine. One morning the privileged Derrick wakes up in a different apartment, in bed with a woman he has never seen before. It's clear that she knows him, but she calls him Zane. And so does everybody else. From that moment on, Derrick finds himself living Zane's criminal life, where individuals strangely resemble those in his real life: A man he shoots in self defense in this new world resembles his former psychiatrist; Lucy, a manager of an upscale jewelry store that he has been forced to rob is the embodiment of his former girlfriend, Olivia; he takes as hostage a woman who is his mother's doppelganger, as ...
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I saw this at Santa Barbara's film festival and was very surprised. Kind of like Memento but in a way more fascinating. Not entirely sure it all made sense, but it could just be me. But, I AM sure that Sam Trammel is very hot and has real star quality. FAscinating movie.
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Sam Trammell

Derrick Hall / Zane Waye

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Erik Jensen

Ian Waye

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Susan May Pratt

Olivia / Lucy

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Ellen Pompeo


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Celia Weston

Lillian Hall / Mrs. Winter

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Michael Ryan Segal


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Tara Subkoff



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