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Cat Burglar 2001

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The priceless Carter cat has been stolen from the British Museum and is believed to be in the hands of a private collector. A cat burglar aims to steal something precious but becomes the silent witness to the horrors of humankind.
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Plot summary

Tom the Chauffeur's weekend isn't going to plan. His only task is to feed the wealthy widow's cat whilst she's away. Brilliant! This is his chance to impress his date Dolores by masquerading as the owner of the huge mansion. But they're interrupted by a burglar who manages to kidnap the cat and blackmail Tom into a Menage-a-Trois! Is that the only penalty he'll pay for his game of bluff? Perhaps not... There's a twist in this tale: someone's watching this whole comic caper unfold... Who's the peeping tom having the last laugh? Is it the moronic security guards? Or is it the wealthy widow getting her own voyeuristic kicks?!
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In the space of just under 15 minutes Lee Guilliland manages to say a surprising amount about appearance and reality, real life and film, watchers and doers.nnAnd best of all this cinematic equivalent of the short story with a twist in the tail manages to be always accessible and entertaining … not a dirty word in my book.nnSid Owen, escapee from Eastenders, is ideal as Thomas, the chauffeur turned cat-sitter, who takes advantage of his employer's absence to impress his girlfriend Dolores, played by Gemma Page, by pretending to be the high-flying owner of the mansion. She's refreshingly honest … having finished the expensive champagne she goes out in borrowed clothes, and returns with cheap bubbly. It's all the same stuff in different bottles, she says.nnIan Wright, in another short but exactly measured comic performance, forms the third side of the triangle as the cat burglar who gets more than he bargained for.nnThe entire charade is watched on closed circuit TV by the Laurel and Hardy of the security world. Thomas and his girl happily play their parts, carefree revellers in a borrowed mansion. But their sports are not the only games being played out in this house. Like the Viennetta they eat, the 'luxury
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