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Alone in the Woods 1996

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Ten-year-old Justin finds himself hitching a ride with two kidnappers when he climbs aboard the wrong van -- thinking it's his family's vehicle -- and gets separated from his parents. When the bumbling crooks hatch a plan to nab a business tycoon's daughter, Justin finds his only recourse is to save the girl while making his escape.
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Plot summary

When a young boy gets left behind by his family, he seeks refuge in what seems to be an abandoned house. But he quickly discovers that not only is the house occupied, but by two kidnappers holding a rich business man's daughter as a hostage.
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Chick Vennera is the only reason why I wanted to see this film. Mr. Vennera is very funny. Seeing a pregnant Laraine Newman is a sight to behold. It's good to see her acting again. I didn't really care for the film itself. Kids may like it, however some things in the film might give some kids bad ideas.
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