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Storm Warning 1951

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  • Storm Warning
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  • Stuart Heisler,
  • Daniel Fuchs, Richard Brooks
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  • Tagline : Behind this burning cross...Behind the loopholes in the law...Behind their cowardly hoods...They hide a thousand vicious crimes!

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Ginger Rogers is troubled when she finds her sister's husband is a member of the KKK.
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Plot summary

En route to a job, New York based model Marsha Mitchell decides to stop for less than 24 hours in the southern American town of Rock Point to visit her sister, Lucy Rice, who she has not seen in two years, and meet Lucy's husband, Hank Rice, for the first time. Upon arriving in Rock Point, Marsha witnesses a Ku Klux Klan slaying of who she would later learn is Walter Adams, an out of town reporter who was going to write an exposé on the Klan. Marsha even saw two of the men's faces after they removed their hoods, but they didn't see Marsha. Upon later arriving at Lucy's house, Marsha is shocked to see that Hank was one of the Klansmen committing the murder, he being a Klansman of which Lucy is unaware. Marsha decides to confront Hank and Lucy about what she saw. Meanwhile, county prosecutor Burt Rainey knows that the Klan committed the murder, everyone in town is aware that the Klan committed the murder, but Rainey knows that no one will come forward to implicate the Klan for what they...
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Watching Storm Warning just now-a movie which takes on the Ku Klux Klan-I had expected a compelling drama about what kind of organization it was and how it was going to be exposed. But instead of widely revealing how it treats anyone who's not white or of a certain religion with complete contempt, this film just glosses over that while concentrating on the attempts to cover a murder of a nosy reporter which gets witnessed by an outsider (Ginger Rogers) as she looks for her sister (Doris Day) and her husband (Steve Cochran). In addition, a crusading attorney (Ronald Reagan) is trying to get Ms. Rogers to spill the beans in court...Because of what I mentioned above, not to mention the obvious stealing of material from Tennesse Williams'
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Ginger Rogers

Marsha Mitchell

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Ronald Reagan

Burt Rainey

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Doris Day

Lucy Rice

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Steve Cochran

Hank Rice

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Hugh Sanders

Charlie Barr

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Lloyd Gough

Cliff Rummel

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Raymond Greenleaf


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Ned Glass

George Athens

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Paul E. Burns

Frank Hauser

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Walter Baldwin

Coroner Bledsoe


Lynn Whitney

Cora Athens

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Stuart Randall

Walt Walters

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Sean McClory



Lillian Albertson

Mrs. Rainey


Janet Barrett

Mrs. Adams

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George Lloyd

Townsman (uncredited)


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