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Nowhere to Hide 2009

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After the murder of a police inspector, his widow discovers with horror that, in addition, her only daughter has been kidnapped. While driving in her search, the voice of the technical roadside assistance that comes through the intercom installed in her vehicle, reports that he is who has kidnapped the girl.
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Plot summary

A woman after her husband's death is called by someone who has gained access to her phone, car, everything electronic. He tells her that he has her daughter. And if she wants to see her again, she has to do what he says. And what he wants her to do is bring a man who is in witness protection to him. And she can't call anyone cause he has her under constant surveillance.
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I found the movie on netflix and decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised. Meredith Monroe did a wonderful job with the lead role. and the girl who played her daughter was good also. Brian Dietzen played a credible villain. There are parts of the movie that will stretch the imagination, But who cares; it is a movie. I found the movie fast paced and fun to watch. It held my interest which is more than I can say for a lot of the big budget Hollywood movies that star big names.nnI don't know if a DVD is available, but the movie is well worth a watching
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