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Porky in Wackyland 1938

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  • TV-Y7
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Porky Pig goes on a hunt to catch the surreal elusive last Do-Do bird.
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Plot summary

Porky ventures into Darkest Africa in search of the last Do-Do bird, and winds up in Wackyland, a surreal place where the sun comes up atop a human pyramid, the Warner Brothers shield comes zooming from the sky, and populated by creatures such as a three-headed Larry Moe and Curly beast. The Do-Do finally appears, to great fanfare, and eludes Porky by pulling out a pencil and drawing himself a door.
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This is almost too wacky - but as long as you remember this Looney Tunes cartoon is supposed to be wacky it can be funny in places. I say this because some of the wackiness in
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Fanart Fanart

Mel Blanc

Porky Pig / The Do-Do / Various Wackyland Citizens

Fanart Fanart

Billy Bletcher

Roaring Goon (voice)


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