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Room 2015

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  • R
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Jack is a young boy of 5 years old who has lived all his life in one room. He believes everything within it are the only real things in the world. But what will happen when his Ma suddenly tells him that there are other things outside of Room?
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Plot summary

ROOM tells the extraordinary story of Jack, a spirited 5-year-old who is looked after by his loving and devoted mother. Like any good mother, Ma dedicates herself to keeping Jack happy and safe, nurturing him with warmth and love and doing typical things like playing games and telling stories. Their life, however, is anything but typical--they are trapped--confined to a 10-by-10-foot space that Ma has euphemistically named Room. Ma has created a whole universe for Jack within Room, and she will stop at nothing to ensure that, even in this treacherous environment, Jack is able to live a complete and fulfilling life. But as Jack's curiosity about their situation grows, and Ma's resilience reaches its breaking point, they enact a risky plan to escape, ultimately bringing them face-to-face with what may turn out to be the scariest thing yet: the real world.
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*Insert all 9 u0026 10 reviews here* I was in awe during the entire film. Lenny Abrahamson u0026 the writing team made sure there was not one dull moment. The addition of
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Jacob Tremblay

Jack Newsome

Fanart Fanart

Brie Larson

Joy "Ma" Newsome

Fanart Fanart

Joan Allen

Nancy Newsome

Fanart Fanart

William H. Macy

Robert Newsome

Fanart Fanart

Sean Bridgers

Old Nick

Fanart Fanart

Tom McCamus


Fanart Fanart

Amanda Brugel

Officer Parker

Fanart Fanart

Joe Pingue

Officer Grabowski

Fanart Fanart

Cas Anvar

Dr. Mittal

Fanart Fanart

Wendy Crewson

Talk Show Host

Fanart Fanart

Kate Drummond


Fanart Fanart

Randal Edwards


Fanart Fanart

Jack Fulton

Neighborhood Boy

Fanart Fanart

Justin Mader

FBI Agent

Fanart Fanart

Zarrin Darnell-Marti

Attending Doctor

Fanart Fanart

Jee-Yun Lee

News Anchor

Fanart Fanart

Ola Sturik

Reporter #1

Fanart Fanart

Rodrigo Fernandez- S

Reporter #2

Fanart Fanart

Rory O'Shea

Reporter #3

Fanart Fanart

Matt Gordon


Fanart Fanart

Sandy McMaster


Fanart Fanart

Chantelle Chung

Clerk (uncredited)

Fanart Fanart

Brad Wietersen

TV Crewman (uncredited)

Fanart Fanart

Derek Herd

Diner Patron (uncredited)

Fanart Fanart

Megan Park

Laura (uncredited)

Fanart Fanart

Graeme Potts

TV Cameraman (uncredited)

Fanart Fanart

Katelyn Wells

Teenage Girl (uncredited)


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